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The factors which controlling hf welding

In high-frequency welding, the influence of welding speed on welding process should be reflected in extrusion roll forming elements, material characteristics elements, welding power elements, welding frequency elements and welding speed elements. Through the analysis of the actual impact of welding, we can summarize the main factors controlling high-frequency welding machine: the size of heat affected zone (the volume of heated material in extrusion zone) and the heating time of heat affected zone.
1. Size of heat affected zone
In the process of high frequency welding, the size of heat affected zone directly affects the quality of welding products, which is very important. If the heat affected zone is too large, the extrusion will increase, the weld will widen, the burr will thicken, and the material consumption will increase; If the heat affected zone is too small, the weld fusion is insufficient and the welding is unqualified. Only the heat affected zone with appropriate size can obtain appropriate welds and qualified products.
2. Heating time
In high-frequency welding, the length of heating time is an important factor affecting the microstructure characteristics of materials in the heat affected zone. The length of heating time will have a significant impact on the microstructure and grain structure of materials in the melting zone. Appropriate grain structure and thermal streamline are the key to ensure that the microstructure of weld is comparable to that of base metal. High frequency welding must require that the microstructure characteristics of weld are superior to that of base metal, which requires that the microstructure and properties of weld must be guaranteed, Therefore, high-frequency welding usually has certain requirements for welding speed, which can not be too low. That’s why. If the heating time is too long, it will not only affect the size of the heat affected zone, but also affect the grain size, resulting in grain growth and affecting the weld performance. It may have obvious disadvantages in some weld performance experiments. Of course, if the heating time is too short and the heating is not transparent, it will lead to cold welding, which makes it impossible to complete the welding effect. Therefore, the heating time is also the key.

Post time: May-20-2022