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Proressional Solid state high frequency welding machine Supplier For More Than 10 Years

In 2018, Mingshuo Electric brought IGBT Solid State High Frequency Welder to participate in the exhibition

In September 2018, Mingshuo Group took part in the 8th All China – International TUBE & PIPE INDUSTRY TRADE FAIR as an exhibitor.The booth no.:E2C55.At that time ,we carried a new welding machine – IGBT Solid State High Frequency Welder.This welder adopts a new technology – IGBT,and at same time,the inverter part is composed of MOSFET single phase inverter bridge connected in parallel. The IGBT began to board the word stage.The Rectifier cabinet and Inverter Cabinet are combined into one cabinet(Integrated Machine).We call it the third generation welding machine, which uses diode rectification and IGBT chopping wave instead of SCR(Silicon controlled rectifier).High efficiency saving 15%~25% of electric energy compared with the second generation solid state high frequency welding machine(rectifier cabinet and inverter cabinet are separated ,if Vaccum Tube High Frequency Equipment is uses as the first generation welding equipment.) In addition to these, IGBT Solid State H.F. Integrated Welder has the following advantages:1.Single Cabinet design, convenient installation, saving more workshop space and cable trays;2.The power factor is not lower than 95%,and no compensation cabinet is needed;3.Full modular design, easy to maintain .

The MOSFET SOLID STATE HIGH FREQENCY WELDING MACHINE is mainly used for straight seam welding of meal pipes,which is an important part of steel pipe production line.

 Pipe material:iron,aluminum,stainless steel,copper,galvanized ect.

Pipe shape:round,oval, square,rectangular and special shaped pipe

Pipe size and production speed:match the suitable welding machine model according to the steel pipe detail provided by customers.

Since 2012, Mingshuo team has participated in the International Pipe and Tube and Wire Fittings Exhibition almost every year,and will continue to take participle in the Exhibition in the future.If you are interested in the straight seam of welded steel pipes, we hope to meet you at the fair .Of course,if you are interested in our factory,you are welcome to visit our factory.

Post time: May-26-2021