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Proressional Solid state high frequency welding machine Supplier For More Than 10 Years

Mingshuo Electric passed TUV certification and obtained gold product certification and strength certification

In 2017, Mingshuo solid state high frequency welding machine  obtained Russian GOST – R certification due to the needs of customers’ welding machine certificates; In 2020, Mingshuo Group won a technical patent on welding machine,and several other parents about welder are being applied for.

Baoding Mingshuo Electric passed TUV certification for the first time in 2019 and won this certification again in 2020 .Certification mainly includes production certification, filed certification and economic strength certification.These certifications are obtained by filed inspection ,production capacity evaluation and live video shooting of our factory by a third-party certification body.Customers can learn about Mingshuo factory directly from online factory full-motion video,so as to visit our factory without going out, and save more time and energy for clients.Of course, Mingshuo Electric is always ready for new and old customers to visit our factory at any time and learn the production process of welding machines.                                 

Due to the continuous expansion of business, Mingshuo Group built a new workshop in 2016. One year later, all employees and equipment of Baoding Mingshuo moved to a new site, and the new plant area increase by three times,the office area increased by one time. The number of employees has increased fourfold. During this period, Mingshuo constantly strives to provide more new equipment and services to new and old customers. Through unremitting efforts, Mingshuo’s domestic and international market share has been expanding. we were invited to participate in the domestic steel pipe association and become a member of the association. Through communication and cooperation, we have mastered more new changes in the industry, understood the immediate needs of customers earlier, and served customers better. In the following years, we went to Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, Thailand and other countries to participate in the exhibition, and we also have our own agents in India. 

Post time: May-26-2021