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Carbon steel pipe mill for structural steel water pipe furniture 500KW parallel Solid State H.F. Welder

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Equipment composition: 1. Rectifier cabinet 2. Rectifier transformer 3. Inverter cabinet 4. Console 5. Air-water cooler exchange

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Production Introduction of 500kw IGBT solid state hf welder

Equipment composition:

1. Rectifier cabinet

2. Rectifier transformer

3. Inverter cabinet

4. Console

5. Air-water cooler exchange

Production Parameter (specification) of the 500kw high frequency solid state tube making equipment pipe welding machine

Main Design Index of Solid State H.F. Welder 
Output power 500kw
Rating Voltage 230V
Rating Current 2500A
Design Frequency 150~250kHz
Electricity Efficiency ≥90%

Recommended range of pipes that can be welded by the 500kw high frequency induction welding equipment

Pipe material carbon steel
Pipe diameter 76-160 mm
Pipe wall thickness 2.0-6.0mm
Welding Mode contact type of High Frequency Solid State Welding Machine
Cooling Mode Use Air-Water cooler system to cool induction type 500kw solid state high frequency welder
After sale service Online support,Field installation,commissioning and training,Filed maintenance and repair service

Composition detail of one set of 500kw transformer base high frequency welder

①Rectifier cabinet: with filtering, isolation, logic control system and reactance full-wave filtering circuit. Ensure the continuity and smoothness of the DC power supply, strong anti-interference ability, and no harmonics and clutter. The power supply of the control circuit board and the power component board adopts the switching power supply, which ensures the stability of the power supply system and the wide adaptability of voltage. The output DC voltage is continuously adjustable, and the maximum DC voltage is 250V, which greatly improves the safety of operators.

② Rectifier transformer: transformation ratio of 400V/205V.

③Inverter cabinet: LC oscillating circuit composed of power capacitor and inductance coil. All power component boards use transistors as the power unit of the template. This LC oscillating circuit is different from the oscillating circuit of the electronic tube mode. The tank circuit capacitor C directly resonates with the induction coil L, and there is no output transformer, which greatly reduces the loss and improves the output efficiency (the efficiency is 25%-30% higher than that of the High frequency vacuum tube welder).

④Central console: simple and convenient to operate.

⑤Air- water exchange system: It is composed of heat exchange, circulating pump, water separator and electrical control part.

500kw parallel(6)

Central Console

500KW parallel (7)

Welding Arm

Application for the hf tube welder

High frequency welding machine is a new type of induction heating equipment, mainly used for welding of metal pipe fittings, welding of alloy tools, welding of carbide saw blades, welding of diamond saw blades, welding of marble saw blades, etc.

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