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Proressional Solid state high frequency welding machine Supplier For More Than 10 Years

China high efficiency solid state H-Beam hf induction welder 1000kw welding machine

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Production Introduction of 1000kw High frequency straight seam tube mill line welding equipment

1.Using high -power MOSFET

2.Using dual-loop PI regulator of voltage and current so can ensure the constant power output when the electric network voltage changes.

3.It has fault protection system with over-voltage ,over-current,lack phase and less water-pressure ect.

Production Parameter (specification) of the 1000kw welding machine which Steel pipe making machine tube mill steel square pipe making machine steel pipe making machine

Main Design Index of Solid State H.F. Welder
Output power 1000kw
Rating Voltage 230V
Rating Current 5000A
Design Frequency 150~250kHz
Electricity Efficiency 90%

Characteristic of Mild steel solid state HF welder 

Pipe material Carbon steel
Pipe diameter 100-300mm
Pipe wall thickness 2.0-15.0mm
Welding Mode contact/dual type of High Frequency Solid State Welding Machine
Cooling Mode Use Water-Water cooler system to cool induction type 1000kw solid state high frequency welder
After sale service Online support,Field installation,commissioning and training,Filed maintenance and repair service

Characteristic of Mild steel solid state HF welder

1.No high voltage operation,maintenance safety, saving electricity about 30%,water saving about 50%

2.Power range from 0 to 100% adjustable steplessly.

3.Using pulse width modulation or voltage regulation circuit microcomputer control based, adjustment stable with high precision,small harmonic interference.

4.Control circuit has a soft start and soft stop function. It will not has the impact to the electric network.

High frequency pipe making machine Application Industrial 

The high-frequency welding machine can be used for hard alloy saw blade welding, diamond saw blade welding, marble saw blade brazing, woodworking saw blade brazing, grass cutting blade welding, aluminum cutting blade welding

1000kw parallel  (1)

Inverter Output Cabinet

1000kw parallel  (2)

Switch Rectifying Cabinet

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