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High Frequency Welder for H Beam Line

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H.F Welder welding H Beam 


Using Solid state high frequency welder contact type to welding web and flange together.According to the web height  and thinkness ,flangle width and thinkness is different, the HF welder size is different.

Especially weldling carbon steel material.

Need 2 set of high-frequency welders,they have synchronous control function, and work stably without interference with each other.

The inverter output cabinets of the two high-frequency welding machines are all installed on the three-dimensional adjustment device, and the contact welding contacts are controlled by constant pressure, so that the synchronization and consistency of the contacts are good.

Excellent cross-section performance, customized cross-section size according to user requirements, convenient production of special-shaped H-beam, and increased ratio of flange thickness to web thickness.

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