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Tube seam annealing system in line seam queaching machine

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Seam Annealer—weld heat treat of HF welded tube and pipe

The seam annealing process is dedicated to the normalization of the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). In many cases the welding line must be annealed after the welding process to prevent a failure point and provide a uniform metallurgical results.

Both the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) specify that on certain grades of pipe, the weld seam needs to be processed in order to ensure that no untempered material remains.

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Seam annealing is an important in-line process for making high frequency (HF)welded pipe to API 5L or 5CT specifications. Its purpose is to produce pipecompliant with the following API requirements:From API 5L, Section Electric Welded Pipe

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